Mississippi Cares

Not only are hospitals places of healing in their communities, hospitals are also drivers for economic development.  Without access to care, neither our patients nor our communities will thrive.

Mississippi Cares is the Mississippi Hospital Association’s proposed public-private partnership between the state, the federal government, and Mississippi hospitals to create better and more appropriate access to healthcare for non-disabled adults – many of whom are working hard to provide for their families. Under a special Medicaid waiver request, Mississippi hospitals would be willing to make an additional investment in the premiums needed to fund insurance coverage through a hospital-owned provider-sponsored health plan.   

The Perryman Group estimates that this plan will pump more than $73 billion over 10 years into Mississippi’s economy and create almost 400,000 job years.  Under this proposal, hospital investments and member payments fund the premiums with no state funding required

We would love to come and talk to your civic, community or church group about Mississippi Cares. Contact Shawn Rossi at (601) 368-3237 or srossi@mhanet.org to book or for more information.

Our presentation is also available for download here.

Read our op-ed piece here.

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